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Ski Slopes See Lots Of People New Year’s Eve

Promo Image: Ski Slopes See Lots Of People New Year’s Eve

With fresh snow, Saturday was a great day to be out on the ski slopes across northern Michigan.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was out the slopes Saturday, she brings us details on how skiers and ski resorts are taking advantage of the winter weather,

“We’re just thrilled to be open and we’re thrilled to have this good weather and we’re thrilled to have a lot of people here enjoying our hills,” says Pete Meyer, manager at Caberfae Peaks Resort.

The hills and lifts, packed Saturday at Caberfae Peaks Resort, as people spent New Year’s Eve enjoying prime skiing and snowboarding conditions.

“It’s kind of nice having New Year’s Eve fall on a weekend, a lot of people have that day off and there out here skiing during the day and they then move on to their parties in the evening,” says Meyer.

For some, coming to Caberfae New Year’s Eve is a tradition, but for others, the weather and fresh snow was too good to pass up.

“We have really just the perfect weather, we got about three inches of snow two nights ago and another inch last night and it’s about a high of 24 degrees today so it’s very comfortable,” says Meyer.

Skiers agree.

“I came out New Year’s Eve because friends of mine from Virginia surprised me wanting to ski so I came to this side of the state because they had more snow. Everywhere you go on the mountain is all what you want to do, and Caberfae provides a lot of that with the back country and two different peaks,” says Daniel Thorton, skier.

The ice also busy, several two wheelers drove around Lake Cadillac on a two track they plowed, a New Year’s Eve tradition.

“It’s really fast. We’re all motorcycle riders in the summer, so we flight track on ice, this keeps us doing what we do in the winter. We have all been doing it forever, It’s what we live for,” says Andy, an ice biker.