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I-500 Preparations Underway

Even though the 49th annual International 500 Snowmobile Race is just over a month away — crews are getting a jump on getting the track prepared.

The endurance race in Sault Ste. Marie consists of 38 sleds, topping speeds of 100 miles per hour around the one mile oval.

In order to get the track ready, crews are laying water down at a slow speed of three miles per hour.

Race officials say weather has held up so far for the I-500 race. Thanks to that, crews have had a two week head-start over last season in getting the track prepared.

Billy Cryderman, I-500 race director says, “We are already quite a bit ahead of schedule. The weather this year has really cooperated…we got to pound some pretty good frost earlier this year…and about 4 days ago we started with trucks and we’ve got a pretty good base on it already.”

By the time the race begins on February 4th, over one-million gallons of water will be used.

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