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Snowmobilers Flood Gaylord After More Than A Foot Of Snowfall

Promo Image: Snowmobilers Flood Gaylord After More Than A Foot Of Snowfall

Gaylord saw a total of more than a foot of snow Friday which has them knee deep with winter tourists.

For many in the Gaylord area they woke up to see 13 inches of fresh snow followed by the sound of snowmobilers.

“A snowmobile Mecca up here.”

Thomas Goodin traveled from downstate with his brother-in-law and his friend Cody Civic just for the snowmobile trails.

Thomas says, “When we first got up here there was no snow we were worried and all of a sudden we woke up yesterday morning and this morning, we got dumped on so we had a riot. We rode from Gaylord to Cheboygan to Mackinaw all the way back down to Gaylord.

They weren’t the only ones who wanted to take advantage of Gaylord’s winter wonderland. Once word got out about the snow DerMiner’s Parkside Market Snowmobile Rental started to get slammed.

Owners Brian and Robin DerMiner say, “We’ve had to bring in extra staff to handle the phones and the traffic through the store. We’ve had to order from the company more sleds, they’re on the way; we have 35 sleds out now.”

Cody Civic says, “We showed up on a Wednesday, there was really nobody here the snow was real low on the trails, we had basically all of them to ourselves. Come Thursday afternoon when it started pouring down it was just left and right we were seeing trailers full of sleds.”

A business rush that doesn’t just stop with the DerMiners.

“The business that it generates in our store and also our cabins and for everybody who lives in and around Gaylord who are business owners you know it’s a huge impact and we depend on it.”