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Russia Responds To U.S. Sanctions Over Election Cyber Attacks

Russia is hitting back after the United States slapped the country with sanctions.

U.S. intelligence is accusing Russia of Cyber Attacks that harmed Hillary Clinton’s campaign and helped elect Donald Trump.

Friday morning, Russia’s foreign prime minister is proposing expelling 35 American diplomats, as well as closing two U.S. owned facilities in Moscow.

This is after President Obama vowed to kick out 35 Russian diplomats, and close down two Russian owned compounds in the United States.

Russia has denied it was trying to influence the election, but in a rare example of bipartisanship, Republicans are largely applauding the administration’s actions.

The White House says there are additional actions that will not be announced because they’re highly classified.

The Obama Administration expects Russia will send some U.S. officials back home to retaliate and that there’s no reason to believe these hacks will stop.

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