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Roscommon Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Warns Anyone Out On The Ice To Be Careful

Even with recent below-freezing temperatures, the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department is warning anyone daring to go on the ice to be careful.

The sheriff’s office says there is a pressure crack running parallel to Houghton Lake’s shoreline.

They say the crack is about 400 yards out.

Someone’s leg did go through the ice Thursday, but their whole body did not go into the water.

Lyman’s on the Lake says there are some parts of Houghton Lake to watch out for.

“Look for rough spot on the ice or slush when they get close to cracks, anything like that. Anything that don’t look normal. We found a few places this morning, we stopped drilled a few holes just cause it looked rough on the surface, it was hard ice there every time we checked it,” says Clare Gee, Lyman’s on the Lake.

If you do head out on the ice, make sure to use a spud to see how thick it is.

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