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Old Mission Vineyard Launches Recreation System With First New Trail

Promo Image: Old Mission Vineyard Launches Recreation System With First New Trail

Bowers Harbor Vineyards on Old Mission Peninsula is opening its first trail Saturday.

However, the trail has more to offer than just scenic views.

Bowers Harbor Vineyards is opening a new interpretive trail

Kristy McClellan, Director of Operations Manager at the Vineyard tells us, “We wanted to be able to offer something every day all winter long where people could come and go as they please experience the beauty of the outdoors in the winter time. We really want people really appreciate the outdoors as much as we do.”

The trail is designed for both exercise and education as the vineyard aims to offer more for their younger visitors.

“Kids always soak this information up like a sponge so it’s really for the younger generation who are more interested in what’s goin on around them,” says Farm Manager, Evan Oellerish.

While you walk the trail you’ll see a variety of stopping points explaining the history and ecology of the vineyard.

Evan says, “For the interpretive trail they’re be 10 stops along the way, at each stop you’ll learn a little bit different information either about the vineyard or some of the animals or wildlife.”

The trail is the beginning of what the vineyard plans to be a more expansive trail and recreation system.

So when adults come for the wine, the whole family can come feel at home.

Kristy she wants wine lovers to, “enjoy it with their kids, their grandparents, their dogs. We always really pride ourselves at making people feel at home and now they can feel a part of the family and at home by walking around the property as well.”

The trail is free and open to the public during the vineyards business hours starting Saturday, December 31.