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WANTED FUGITIVES: 2016 Year in Review

For the past year, we have been working closely with the Michigan State Police Fugitive Task Force in Northern Michigan to help catch some of the most wanted criminals in our area.

Because of your tips, 7 felons were captured out of the 15 we’ve featured. Many of them were caught shortly after their stories aired right here on 9&10 News.

Here’s a look at the ones the Task Force still needs your help tracking down.

Kyle Rhoads was first featured in February for being wanted out of Sault Ste Marie. He has been on the run since December 2015 for third degree child abuse, one count of third degree child abuse in the presence of another child, drug charges and flight to avoid prosecution. The Michigan State Police Fugitive Task Force believes Rhoads fled to Superior, Wisconsin.

Ronnie Hazelwood has been on the sex offender registry since 2006, but at the start of 2016 he failed to update his address in Grand Traverse County. The Task Force is following up on tips and believe he is in Oklahoma.

Scott Robbins was featured this February for aggravated assault, operating under the influence and child support. He’s been on the run since summer of 2015.  But because of your tips, he was caught a day after our story aired. He served jail time and is currently back on the run for new child support warrant out of Antrim County.

George Charles has an unusual case. After his wanted story aired in February, he turned himself into the Emmet County Sheriff’s Department for criminal sexual conduct fourth degree. But he failed to go to his court hearings and is once again wanted. The Task Force believes he could be in the Lansing area.

Francisco Vargas never showed up to any court hearings after being charged with criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree in 2012. The Emmet County prosecutor is also seeking charges of flight to avoid prosecution. He could be in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Joseph Fellows has been dodging the police since July. He’s wanted for assault, drugs, drunk driving and child support. The Task Force is actively following up on tips and believe he is in the Wexford and Manistee area.

Charles Wooliver was just featured this fall and has since fled to Florida. Wooliver faces felonious assault charges and new breaking and entering and uttering and publishing charges after stealing checks from a church in Cadillac.

And finally, the task force is still following up on tips about Patrick Burris who has been on the run since May when he stopped reporting to his parole officer and seriously hurt someone. After the story aired about Burris in the fall, the Task Force learned he’s still in Grand Traverse County.

If you have information on any of the wanted criminals, you’re asked to call the Michigan State Police Fugitive Task Force at 989-705-3808.

The Task Force says even the tiniest tip can help capture these dangerous criminals and put a stop to their time on the run.

Now here’s a glimpse at how the 7 felons we featured were captured.

In February, we ran a story on Anthony Boylan who had been on the run since October 2015 for absconding parole. He was arrested in March after the task force received several tips from our viewers. Boylan served jail time and is currently off parole and not wanted.

In March, we looked into Kristin Robbins and her husband Scott Robbins criminal history. Not 24 hours after the story aired, the duo were captured in Vanderbilt thanks to viewer tips. Scott was wanted for aggravated assault, driving drunk and felony child support. He is currently back on the run for new child support charges. Kristin was also on the run for felony child support, she is currently not wanted.

Also in March, we told you about Neil Emery who was wanted since November 2015 for dangerous drugs and felony child support. He was caught a couple days after our story aired because of helpful tips from viewers.

In May, we ran a story about Charles Anderson Junior being on the run for aggravated assault and resisting and obstructing a police officer. That incident happened in December 2015. He was arrested in August in Grand Traverse County, served time in jail and was released. But in November he violated his probation and is currently back in jail.

Also in May, our viewers helped capture a fugitive in shocking fashion. Before our story even aired, our preview drew in dozens of tips from viewers with information on where Kristen Clay was. She had been on the run for several months with 6 warrants and at least 18 different criminal charges. Your tips helped the MSP Fugitive Task Force track her down to a camper near Mancelona.

We learned about Michael Robinson in May. He was wanted for failing to register as a sex offender and was arrested in Kalkaska County not even 24 hours after our story aired. He has since served jail time and the MSP Task Force says he is now a compliant sex offender.

In June, Nathaniel Burks was featured on our wanted series for uttering and publishing and possession of counterfeit bank notes in Petoskey. After our story aired, a librarian in Charlevoix County recognized him as a frequent visitor and reported it to the task force. Burks was arrested in July and is currently out on probation.

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