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MSP Continue Investigating Ludington Aaron’s Rent-To-Own Store Break-in

Promo Image: MSP Continue Investigating Ludington Aaron’s Rent-To-Own Store Break-in

Thousands of dollars worth of TVs stolen from a Mason County rental center.

The thief or thieves did a lot of work to get into the store.

Last Friday morning, Aaron’s Rent-To-Own Store found an almost three foot wide hole in their back room wall, and several TVs missing.

That hole led to the church next door in the Ludington strip mall.

State police have been trying to put the pieces together ever since.

“Just something we’ve never seen before.”

Not only did someone break-into the Aaron’s and steal TVs, they broke into the vacant church next door.

Trooper Travis Thenikl of the Hart Post says, “Investigation on the scene showed that suspects or suspect entered through a concrete wall in the church where they broke out a large size hole made entry into the church and then once inside the church they then preceded to break through another wall into the back room of Aaron’s where they stole several items.”

An interesting choice of entry.

Pastor Dr. Craig Nelson’s church, Path of Life Ministries is only plaza over.

“It caused me to think a little bit the similarities that we have with them. We too are a church in a strip mall and I have businesses on both sides of me so I did have to re-think a little bit what did they go through and could a similar occurrence happen with us so it caught my attention.”

Aaron’s is back open but with thousands of dollars’ worth of TVs in the wind state police are doing everything they can to get answers.

Trooper Thenikl says, “Just gathering all the video from all the stores in the area, talking to any people that were in the area following up on any tips people passing along to us to find a suspect and interview them.”

Whoever is responsible could be charged with malicious destruction of property, and stealing from a building.

And if you are using one of those stolen TVs you could face concealing stolen property charges.

“If they got something and it just seems suspicious you know obviously contact us so we can go out and check to see if it matches the TVs that we know we’re stolen.”

If you have any information on this incident call Michigan State Police Hart Post at 231-873-2171.