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Harbor Spring’s Pond Hill Trail Extends Trail System

Promo Image: Harbor Spring’s Pond Hill Trail Extends Trail System

Pond Hill Farm has added four new trails, meaning there’s now five more miles to explore and they’re ready for action.

Wendy Conway started using Pond Hill Farm’s trails years ago.

Now she’s got even more to explore.

“To have an expanse like this, a four season place, with water and ponds, it’s just is fantastic, I love it,” says Wendy.

All four of the trails are open to the public, local or not, year round.

Steven Adelaine, Volunteer Trail Groomer at Pond Hill told us, “People come from Detroit, we have a lot of people from Florida, California, and they’ve just never been out on trails like this before.”

When hiking these trails there are seven little gnomes hidden throughout.

Take a selfie with each one and win a free beverage as well as entry to win a grand prize.

The trails are open for many activities.

There’s plenty more activities for people to enjoy on the trail.

The only thing you can’t do on these trails is use motorized vehicles.

“They can cross country ski, they can snowshoe, they can walk our trails, and fat tire mountain bike people have been using our trail which we encourage,” says Steven.

The trails difficulty’s range from beginner to expert.

So people of all ages and abilities can enjoy what Northern Michigan has to offer.

Wendy says, “That’s really a joy when you see generation after generation, people wanting ‘I remember when I sled down that hill’ and now they’ll bring their kids and they’ll slide down the hill. So it’s a real special place for our community.”