California Woman Crashes Snowmobile In Wolverine, DNR Warns of Icy Conditions

While some trails are getting fresh layer of snow Thursday the Department of Natural Resources says it still might be dangerous.

Wednesday a California woman got in a crash involving her snowmobile.

The Cheboygan County Sheriff says it happened on a trail by Trowbridge Rd. and Perry Rd. near Wolverine.

The woman is okay.

The Cheboygan Sheriff says she took a turn too fast.

The Department of Natural Resources says speed and drinking are often big factors in snowmobile accidents and icy trails don’t help.

"A lot of times corners on trails, snowmobilers will be coming in really fast. That ice has a tendency, again, like a motor vehicle to stop or lessen the distances available to stop," DNR Conservation Officer Mark DePew said.

The DNR says it’s best to stay off the trails until there is more significant snowfall.