Alert Cab Program Offers Free Rides On New Year’s Eve In Cadillac, Traverse City

If you’re planning to be out celebrating the New Year, one company is making it easier to make sure you get home safely.

The Alert Cab Program is provided by H. Cox and Sons.

They offer free rides for those who drank too much.

Participating bars in Cadillac and Traverse City have vouchers, which can be used with several local cab companies.

Drivers with Cadillac Taxi say this program ensures that people have a safe ride.

“It is the best idea up here that I have seen in a long time, and it’s for the little people, for anyone that needs a ride home, and even if you aren’t drinking and you come into a problem, go into one of the bars, get a card and we will take you home,” says driver Richard Slocum, Cadillac Taxi.

Cadillac Taxi and Good Guys Taxi in Cadillac, along with Cherry Capitol Cab, Chippewa Cab Company and Celtic Cab in Traverse City, will be operating the Alert Cabs on New Year’s until 4 a.m.