Traverse City Light and Power Phone Scam Targets

A phone scam is targeting Traverse City Light and Power customers.

The power company says someone has called a few of their commercial customers demanding a payment and threatening to shut off their service if they didn’t.

The scammers tell users their power will be shut off if the payment isn’t made.

But light and power says this is something they do not do.

“What we want everyone to know is that we will never demand immediate payment over the phone and threaten shut off. Payments for delinquent accounts, they get letters or door hangers and the payment is indicated by mail or by the 400 Boardman service center,” says Kelli Schroeder, Traverse City Light and Power Manager of Human Resources and Communications.

Light and power says this is the third or fourth time a scam like this has happened this year.

If you receive a call demanding money, you’re asked to hang up, and call light and power immediately.