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Three Pairs of Brothers and Troop Receive Eagle Scout Award in Traverse City

“It’s a big achievement but it’s also been the goal since you first started,” says Troop 31 member, Wesley Nelson.

The eagle award is the highest rank for a Boy Scout.

Wednesday night, three pairs of brothers were awarded for their hard work and service to their community.

Boy Scouts must complete 351 requirements to achieve the award.

And for these brothers, it’s been an experience to remember.

9 and 10’s Megan Atwood and photojournalist John Harrington found out what the service-minded siblings went through.

Courtesy, kindness, loyalty. Just some of the traits scouts in Troop 31 say being a Boy Scout is all about.

“It’s a defiantly life long process and it was nice to have my brother and our dad who is our scout leader throughout that process,” says Wesley Nelson, a member of Troop 31. Wesley went through boy scouts with his brother, Andy.

For many scouts, it’s been a lifelong process with their brothers at their sides. Troop 31 sent off three pairs of brothers at Wednesday night’s ceremony.

Older brothers earned the Eagle Award years ago, but waited until now so they could be honored at their younger brother’s side.

“It’s really cool having a brother with you along with all the other brothers. It kind of creates a different bond with going to Boy Scout Camp and being with each other all the time,” says Matthew Brown as he stands next to his younger brother, Patrick Brown.

Kyle Lints came back to receive his Eagle Scout award, after completing it back in 2011. He says, “It’s just cool to see each of us be able to receive this honor.” His younger brother, Ryan Lints followed in his footsteps. “He kind of set the bar for me because he got it before me.”

It’s a journey these young men have been on since they were kindergarteners, with countless hours of work.

“This whole thing is just really long and you have to stick to it. The years and years of just doing all of this. I learned the lesson to just never give up,” continues Matthew Brown.

It’s safe to say they’ve learned so much, and they’ve all become brothers.

“Most of us have been in scouts since the beginning so we’re going over a decade now in our scouting careers which is pretty cool. We’re all here tonight to celebrate that,” says another Troop 31 member, Nathan Sodini.

And their Scout Masters couldn’t agree with their scouts more.

“It’s great to be in scouting with your own boys because you have so much fun with them. It’s an absolute riot, but it’s not just them, you get to know their friends,” says assistant scout master, Darryl Nelson. He goes on, “It’s the highest paying job I’ve ever had because it’s an awesome experience getting to know these young men."

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