Grand Traverse County Deputies Investigating Six Attempted Break-ins

Several attempted business break-ins in Grand Traverse County over the holiday.

Someone tried to get into six different businesses along two blocks of Veterans Drive.

They got inside one, leaving a door frame damaged and filing cabinet pried open.

An employee saw that going into Tuesday and called police.

They called deputies who then discovered five more businesses were also hit.

They believe the attempted break-ins happened sometime during December 23rd and 27th, but say they’re all connected.

Captain Chris Clark of the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office says, “Where they’re all at is a small area, the time frame they were being reported in or had occurred and the method of entry or attempted entry lead us to believe they are all connected.”

Nothing was taken, but deputies are still investigating, if you have any information call Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office at 231-922-4550.