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Gaylord Police Investigating Armed Robbery, Woman Accused of Luring Victim With Prostitution

Promo Image: Gaylord Police Investigating Armed Robbery, Woman Accused of Luring Victim With Prostitution

"Armed robbery is a capital crime and carries a life offense penalty," Gaylord Police Department Sgt. Frank Claeys.

One woman is facing serious charges accused of robbing a man at gunpoint using prostitution to lure him in.    

Court documents say Ashley Parzych and two other men assaulted the victim and stole items from him.

Gaylord Police say it all happened at the Timberly Motel in Gaylord in November.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and Noah Jurik have more details on the armed robbery and prostitution arrest.

"We received a 911 call of an assault and proceeded to the venue, spoke with the victim," Sgt. Frank Claeys said. "We learned quickly that it was an armed robbery that had also had a physical altercation during the course of the robbery."

Court documents say Ashley Parzych is accused of stealing about $20, a cell phone, car keys and the victim’s drivers license.

Gaylord Police tracked Parzych down and arrested her a few days later.

"There are multiple other subjects under investigation that criminal charges are currently being sought on," Claeys said. "It’s multi-faceted. There’s other crimes that were committed associated with this that are still under investigation as well."

Tuscarora Township Police Chief Gordon Temple says it’s not uncommon to see prostitution and other crimes go hand in hand.

"For example, you have the sale of narcotics. Sometimes there are robberies," Chief Temple said. "There’s just a whole lot of different avenues that come with just the prostitution ring." 

He says prostitution cases can be tough with lengthy investigations.

"A ‘John’ shows up and he’s missing his wallet and then the complaints get filed and then it just one thing leads to another," Claeys said. 

Gaylord Police says they do expect to make further arrests involving the case.