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Cadillac YMCA Opens Doors In Times Of Emergency

Promo Image: Cadillac YMCA Opens Doors In Times Of Emergency

After those high winds and ice caused so many people to lose power this week, one Cadillac organization is opening its doors to people who were affected to make sure they stay clean and warm.

Cadillac YMCA welcomes everyone  members or not during power outages and states of emergency.

If you need a hot shower or simply a place to check your email or charge your phone, their restrooms and lobby are open to you.

 “When there are times of power outages that individuals or whole communities face that are short term emergency response kinds of levels; We like to remind people that we have heat, electricity and options for internet right here at the Y and with that we will also provide free access to shower and restrooms so that people can just get cleaned up and stay warm during times in which we do have power outages,” says Executive Director, Dan Smith.

The Cadillac YMCA’s services aren’t just open to Cadillac residents, they’re offering help to anyone during any time of emergency.