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Traverse City’s Salvation Army Sees Spike in Donations As Tax Write-Off Deadline Approaches

Promo Image: Traverse City’s Salvation Army Sees Spike in Donations As Tax Write-Off Deadline Approaches

After Christmas, minds may shift from the holiday season to tax season.

For The Salvation Army, that means an increase in donations.

Especially when the tax write-off deadline is days away.

“If you don’t need it and you’re not going to sell it, don’t just throw it away donate it.”

It’s a tip Nancy Grin, a tax specialist at  in Traverse City gives to clients this time of year.

She says, “Right now this time of year people have started coming in wanting to know where they are at at the end of the year as far as their income and what they’ve sent in to the I.R.S.”

Itemizing what you donated to local organizations, whether it’s clothes, money, even a ride across town can be deducted from your income tax.

Grin says, “A lot of times it’s Christmas time and now you have to make room for all the new stuff that you’re getting and now you’re getting rid of your old stuff so now you’ve got four days to get this in to get it off on this year’s taxes.”

But the deadline for this year is coming up quick. Anything after December 31, will go towards 2017’s deduction.

Between that and seasonal giving says they get 40% of their donations for the year during this time of year.

Ruth Blick, Director of Community Resource Development at The Salvation Army says, “There are a number of different ways that people can take advantage of tax deductions and do the most good in the community. One is donating to The Salvation Army store, those clothes and household items get sold and help fund our programs and then there are the financial contributions.”

Tuesday they received more than 40 donations at their thrift store.

Regardless the reason people donate, they say it will go a long way.

Blick says, “We are very humbled to take those gifts and spread those to people in our community that need a little extra help at times.”