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Traverse City Overdose Prevention and Response Training

Promo Image: Traverse City Overdose Prevention and Response Training

“It’s part of a community imperative that we do this work to keep our friends, people, and our community alive and safe,” says Maya Doe-Simkins.

A local organization is providing training on recognizing opioid overdoses.

Harm Reduction Michigan says the CDC recently released that heroin deaths have now topped gun violence deaths.

Tuesday night was the first of a monthly series being offered by the Harm Reduction group.

The class provides information about naloxone, which can treat narcotic overdoses.

They hope to educate the Traverse City community on when and how to use this reversal drug.

“We will train people to recognize and respond to opioid overdoses including using naloxone. So informational but also skills building so when people find themselves in a situation where there is an opioid emergency, they can act and save somebody’s life,” says Maya Doe-Simkins, the Co-Director of Harm Reduction Michigan.

Those who take part in the training receive a free overdose rescue kit, including naloxone.

To take part, to sign up for next month’s session.