Traverse City Fire Dept. Looking For Thief Who Stole Gift Cards From Office

The Traverse City Fire Department is looking for the thieves who stole three gift cards from their offices.   

On December 23, City Fire station #1 on West Front Street held a Toys for Tots drive.

They say two women walked in looking for help with toys.

The fire marshal took them to an office to try and help.

When he got called out, another firefighter came in.

But before he got there, the pair took three $100 Target gift cards the fire marshal was wrapping for his family.

The fire station made a call to Target to cancel the cards, but they had already been cashed in.

“Anybody that knows him knows that he has a big heart and he’s very generous,” says Jacob Steichen, firefighter with the Traverse City Fire Department. “He probably would have gave them the cards. That’s what a lot of people have been saying. He probably would have gave them the cards if they would have asked, but unfortunately they took them out of his personal bag that just was laying off to the side.”

Traverse City Police are investigating.

Target is reviewing their security cameras.