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Northern Michigan Winter Break Ideas

Promo Image: Northern Michigan Winter Break Ideas

It’s finally Winter Break and kids are excited to have a week without homework.

On the other hand their parents may be wondering what exactly to fill that free time with.

Winter Break free time is an opportunity for parents to think outside the box and make some memories along the way.

For families both local and not the holidays are a reason to spend quality time with the people you love.

We asked Howe Skate Arena Manager, Tim Gies, about business over break and he told us, “I was surprised probably about half the people were from out of town, they’re up visiting and they need something to do.”

Great Wolf Lodge is also taking advantage of time off school and doing parents a favor.

Now at the Lodge it’s "". Snow Land is a winter special that offers more holiday fun for kids on top of the resorts water park and arcade.

“This time of year we’re spending so much money on other things you don’t need to be spending a lot of money on staying some place,” says Myrna Adkins at The Great Wolf Lodge.

“We have everything from North Pole university which is where kids can learn to be an elf and earn certificates and do little activities like make snowflakes or make cookies.”

Or if you’re looking for just a few hours of family fun go ice skating with the family.

Howe Skate Arena in Grand Traverse Civic Center is offering various for the family and even a twilight skate at night.

“You come out here, you fall down a couple times, you get up you keep goin. Parents have fun, kids have fun, you wake up with muscles you didn’t remember you had but it’s still a lot of fun” says Gies.

“As people are leaving right now they’re going ‘That was so much fun we gotta come back!’ Yeah just a lot of smiles.”

Finally check out your local downtown shops, go skiing at one of the , grab some hot chocolate, or catch a movie.

Northern Michigan has fun to offer for the whole family this break.

Don’t miss out!