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Northern Michigan Roads Packed With Travelers After Christmas

A big travel day, with people heading home after the holiday weekend.

Now with temperatures dropping, roads are sure to get slick again.

9&10’s Megan Atwood talked with drivers out on the busy roads.

Out and about the day after Christmas, drivers found roads were certainly busy.

“There was a lot of traffic on the roads. Usually when the roads are bad you don’t see as much traffic as this afternoon,” says Douglas Feri, who was driving in Traverse City on Monday the 26th.

It’s a drive Douglas Feri and his son make often, heading from Grayling to Traverse City. But on the day after Christmas, they take their drive nice and slow, especially when the weather’s tricky.

“When the roads are bad we travel a little bit slower. Sometimes 30 or 40, sometimes a little bit more so,” Feri continues.

Luckily road conditions weren’t a problem for them on Monday.

But more people on the road means Grand Traverse County Central Dispatch is busy, taking many calls.

With temps dropping Monday evening, roads are sure to get slick. Puddles and melted snow will make for icy roads.

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