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Christmas Day Travelers Beat Bad Weather

Promo Image: Christmas Day Travelers Beat Bad Weather

With Icey weather on the way, people traveling got an early start going to and from their Christmas parties.

Beacon and Bridge gas station near Cadillac says they’ve seen people come in and out all day to stop for gas and snacks.

But many have been trying to get to their destinations before the weather hits Sunday night.

One driver says when they started the roads were quiet, but they wanted to get ahead of the weather as much as possible.

“We are just taking it easy, the good thing is, there isn’t as much traffic as their usually is, so that’s nice. There is a big storm coming so we will keep an eye out for that and hopefully we will get there before anything bad happens,” says Laura Sweet, traveler.

Of course the best thing to do in bad weather is to just slow down.

And for those of you who took to the sky for the holidays, the weather doesn’t seem to be affecting any flights going in or out of Traverse City’s Cherry Capital Airport as of now.

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