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Cadillac High School Students Host Train Exhibit

Promo Image: Cadillac High School Students Host Train Exhibit

High school train enthusiasts are laying out their tracks and starting their engines to draw attention to what they fear is a dying hobby.

In downtown Cadillac Friday afternoon, you can see train sets of all different sizes, free of charge.

The train sets are made by Cadillac High School students with a passion for the locomotives.

The young engineers decided to put on the event themselves to promote their hobby and spread the word about their new train club.

“It’s just a great thing to have,” says Adam Bosman, organizer of the Train Exhibit. “You can bring all your stuff together, you can decorate it any way you want, you can run everything you want. It’s just fun. You can’t really beat it.”

The event will be held from noon until 6 p.m. at Horizon Books in downtown Cadillac.

If you can’t make the event and are still interested in joining the train club you can email Adam Bosman at