STING Investigators Arrest Home Health Care Worker Accused Of Selling Prescription Pills

Xanax, hydrocodone and tramadol.

Investigators say a home health care worker was caught selling a stockpile of prescription pills.

STING investigators say Norman Carr was selling the pills while he was taking care of a patient.

Carr was living with the patient in West Branch.

He had only been in charge of taking care of her for a few days.

Among the drugs were more than 330 hydrocodone pills, more than 1,200 tramadol and nearly 200 Xanax.

We spoke with one of the undercover detectives Thursday.

He said they were tipped off by an informant.

The detective said the hydrocodone was prescribed to Carr. It’s unclear where the other pills came from.

They caught him when he reportedly sold to an undercover agent.

“From our investigation, it appears a lot of these were his pills. Still unknown if any were from prior patients or not,” an undercover agent told us.

He was charged with delivery of hydrocodone, possession with intent to deliver Xanax and tramadol.