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GT Rural Fire Chief Prepares to Leave Department, Reflects on Service

"It’s all about who we serve. It’s not about us individually," says Chief Theo Weber.

The Grand Traverse Rural fire chief is preparing to pack up his uniform.

Wednesday night, Grand Traverse Rural Fire Chief Theo Weber rejected a contract offer from the fire board.

The offer came after Green Lake and Grand Township officially decided to leave the department.

Last month the board announced they would not renew Chief Weber’s contract.

But tried to offer him $80,000 Wednesday night, and another year as chief.

Weber rejected their offer, saying it wasn’t about the money.

“The board members haven’t changed,” says Chief Theo Weber. “They’re still going to be the same ones that haven’t been able to successfully lead this organization, and make positive change, and I’m unsure they can in the future. It’s always an honor to serve our community in public service, but more additionally, it’s the brotherhood and the family that’s created in the fire and EMS service. There’s quite a bond here. I will miss that."

Chief Weber will serve as fire chief through December 31.

He’s been the Grand Traverse Rural Fire Chief for three years.

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