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Northern Michigan in Focus: True Christmas Spirit

There are people who decorate for Christmas — you know the tree, some Santas or snowmen.

Then there are people who decorate for Christmas.

The Horstmans are those kind of people, but it’s about more than just them, or their love of Christmas.

Corey Adkins shows us what drives them in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

"I love Christmas, I love the holiday," says Marjorie

You only need to spend a minute in Jerry and Marjorie Horstman’s home to figure that out.

"We collected them one by one. That Mr. and Mrs. Claus in the window there, that’s the first two I got her," says Jerry.

Marjorie adds, "All the things that we have we’ve accumulated over probably 20 years at least, maybe longer."

But those two decades is just a blink in the lifetime of this relationship.

"We met in the 5th grade, been married 61 years. We have a perfect family, couldn’t have asked for any better," says Jerry.

Marjorie says, "We raised six wonderful kids. They’re all married, and we have 18 grandchildren, and we have about 13 great grandchildren, and at the holiday at Christmas we all get together and celebrate the holiday together."

And that is a big reason Jerry and Marjorie continue to work for days assembling this cornucopia of Christmas every year.

"You put your heart and soul into your family at Christmas time, and with these decorations I feel, I want our kids to come. I feel we have accomplished something putting these up, and when they come they love it," explains Jerry.

"They’re really excited about it. They can’t believe when they look at what we have accomplished, Jerry and I have accomplished a lot in our 61 years of marriage," says Marjorie.

A full house, representative of a full life.

Never wealthy, but certainly rich beyond belief.

"I want to say it to all the kids, they are my heart and soul, every one of them. In fact, I can be truthful with you, I live for my kids," says Jerry.

And all of them will be together again this holiday, packing the house with love and laughter.

"It’s just marvelous. We have such a great family, not many people can say that," says Marjorie.

With plenty of Christmas cheer here, there and everywhere.

"The good Lord let me be here to do this. He’s got a reason, he’s got a reason for everything. Our reason was doing our decorations," says Jerry.