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MI Blood Draws Attention To Need For Blood During The Holidays

Promo Image: MI Blood Draws Attention To Need For Blood During The Holidays

The holidays are an exciting and busy time.

However, throughout all the excitement one organization wants to remind you there are still people in need.

This year, help give the gift of health by remembering to donate blood.

Blood donations drop significantly during the holidays so Michigan Blood (MI Blood) has decided to offer a small gift in exchange for your own.

Starting tomorrow MI Blood is offering $10 gift cards to Target and Amazon for blood donors when they come in to donate.

The gift cards are meant to be incentives for donors to remember those who still need help during the busy holiday season.

“During the holidays people are really busy, they’re out shopping getting meals ready, traveling and we see people are too busy are too busy to come in and donate,” says Allison Beers, MI Blood Community Relations Coordinator.“People are traveling and there’s accidents, the need for blood is there, the need for blood never goes on vacation is what I say”.

The holiday gift cards will be given out December 22nd – January 2nd with the exception of Christmas and New Years day.

Donors must be 18 years old or older – or 16 accompanied by a parent.

Dates and times for the event vary by location. Here are hours for holiday blood drives in the Traverse City Area:

Traverse City Area Donor Center

2575 Aero Park Drive

Friday, 12/23: 7am – 2pm
Saturday, 12/30: 7am – 2pm
Monday, 12/26: 7am-2pm
Friday, 12/30: 7am-2pm

Saturday, 12/31: 7am – 2pm