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Leelanau County Post Office Keeps Up With Busiest Week Of The Year

Promo Image: Leelanau County Post Office Keeps Up With Busiest Week Of The Year

The holidays are almost here and deadlines are creeping closer for those who want to send cards and packages.

That means post offices are swamped.

The U.S. Postal Services says they’re expecting to deliver 750 million packages this season.

The Northport Post Office in Leelanau County has delivered more than 800 so far this week.

“It’s an exciting time of year, but it’s also kind of stressful.” 

It’s crunch time.

Just days to Christmas and not even that if you want your package or cards to make it in time.

Terry Gremel is a self-proclaimed procrastinator trying to send her cards Wednesday with only three days to make it, but she’s hoping for the best.

“They might not make it on time, this is just when I got them done so I headed down here so I can get them mailed. I hope they’ll get to people some of them are going to people right down in Northport so hopefully they’ll get there on time.’”

But she wasn’t the only one, postal workers in Northport say they’ve delivered more than 830 packages so far this week. At least 300 of those were delivered Monday; big numbers for a small town.

Postmaster Sheila Schaub says, “Monday was definitely non-stop packages; coming in the back door, going out the front door, going out the back door, coming in the front door, a lot of the Christmas cards are just coming into the system.”

For carriers, Thursday is an even busier day.

Northport’s postmaster Sheila Schaub is a 22 year veteran, she knew this was coming. That’s why they extended their hours last Saturday and throughout the weekday.

“For the past two and a half weeks we’ve remained open during the lunch hour, just to help everybody out so they don’t have to worry about’ oh darn I’m here during lunch, I’ve missed them.”

If you’re worried, take a deep breath, Sheila says you have until December 22 to use priority express and your mail will make it on time.