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Mason County Police Surprise Drivers By Handing Out Hams Instead Of Tickets

Armed with radar guns and hams, police in Mason County made holiday cheer Tuesday’s mission.

Instead of tickets, they are handing out hams for Christmas.

Century 21 Realty donated 30 hams to law enforcement across Mason County.

It didn’t matter if it was a state trooper or Ludington police officer, traffic stops involved ham.

It comes at a great time for one driver, who won’t be able to see her family this Christmas.

 “I was pulled over today for going too fast, I didn’t get a ticket but I received a ham. And that was a great surprise for me. It’s been a rough week and that was a nice uplifter for me,” says Kelly Larson.

Kelly says she’s having surgery over Christmas break, and that this small gesture will make recovery a little easier.

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