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High Winds Create Hard Driving And Living Conditions In Mason County

Promo Image: High Winds Create Hard Driving And Living Conditions In Mason County

With strong gusts Tuesday, people living and driving on rural roads are dealing with snow drifts and poor visibility from blowing snow.

9&10’s Taylor Jones continued our team weather coverage with how people are handling the conditions in Mason County.

We were out on back roads Tuesday where snow was constantly blowing.

Drivers had to be extra careful.

“Stay inside and have a good vehicle four wheel drive,” says Tom Stoffer, Custer resident.

Advice, when it comes to living and driving on rural roads.

Tom Stoffer from Mason County is usually out working, but Tuesday he decided to stay in because of the wind.

“You’ll get it more on one side of the house than the other because as you can tell, the wind comes across the field and we get a lot of white outs, sometimes you don’t see anything,’ says Stoffer.

He’s seeing lots of snow on his roof and branches blown off his trees. But one of his main concerns is tree limbs taking down power lines.

“We clear everyday to try to keep it off the roof as much as possible and we watch our wires so that they don’t come down. We keep the branches and stuff off so we don’t lose power out here,” says Stoffer.

However, he says driving during these conditions is a whole other ball game.

“The way it’s drifting, the roads will be clear, they come out and clear them but then all of a sudden you’ll have one that’s packed closes, so now you have to go in the other persons lane so that gets a little dangerous. It will slide you around. If I don’t use my four wheel drive on some of the back roads, it will get me going a little “squirlly,”” says Stoffer.

For one young driver, drifts over the road were a shock.

"It just kind of tugs you one way or the other. I am just slowing down and if a car is coming in and I see it drift, I’ll probably just stop,” says Megan McCormick, Fountain resident.

Winds are expected to die down throughout northern Michigan, but it still may take time to clear all the snow that was blown onto roads.