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Thanking Hometown Heroes For Serving Wexford County

Promo Image: Thanking Hometown Heroes For Serving Wexford County

A thank you to hometown heroes.

Honoring those who put their lives on the line for the safety of others.

Cadillac recognized first responders for the work they do every day.

A big show of community support Monday night and officers awarded for saving lives.

9 and 10’s Megan Atwood and photojournalist Harrison Light talked with a Cadillac Police Officer recognized for his quick actions.

“If it wasn’t for as quick as they were, she wouldn’t have made it. So we are very grateful,” says Heather Reinertson.

Paying tribute to those who save lives. First responders and community members came together for a celebration.

And now, blue lights in downtown Cadillac will represent the officers who serve.

“I actually came up with the idea of turning the light bulbs blue because I thought it would be original and something so visual. And as the state and city and EMT’s are out on their runs, they are going to come right through here and see them,” says city of Cadillac Mayor, Carla Filkins.

But its families like Heather Reinertson’s that are truly thankful for first responders.

“What she went through, most people don’t survive so it was all because of the help of the first responders,” says Heather of her mother.

Just three weeks ago, Heather’s mom stopped breathing. Cadillac Officer Matt Schall made it to Heather’s Mom less than 5 minutes after the call.

“It’s not something we deal with every day, not something we deal with every week. But we do have the trainings that we go through,” says Officer Schall.

Monday night Schall was awarded for his life saving actions, along with nine other officers getting life-saving awards.

“It’s humbling to be honest with you. We come here to do our job because we want to come out here and do it. I’ve wanted to do it since I was a little kid. But an experience like this is so humbling, especially when I get to meet the family,” Schall continues.