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Maples Medical Care Facility Families Express Concern Over New Building

Plenty of community members showed up for Monday morning’s meeting about the new Maples Medical Care Facility.

Many have close ties to the Maples.

9&10’s Caroline Powers and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson spoke to a woman whose mother has been waiting to move into the new building.

They have more details.

The new Maples Medical Care Facility in Frankfort was supposed to open more than two years ago, but the bedrooms still sit empty and concern for the future continues to build.

“It’s awful to wait and wonder and just have this not being finished.”

Ann Loveless moved her mom into the old Maples building thinking it would be only a couple months before she was in the new facility – that was two years ago.

“It’s just so important for me and our family to get my mother moved in a place that we just feel comfortable visiting her and she feels comfortable,” Loveless says. “It’s a beautiful facility. It’s just a shame that they’re that here enjoying the beautiful building.”

But Ann, and so many others, are not comfortable with anyone being in the new building knowing the future is uncertain.

“Just getting her into the Maples was a huge traumatic thing. To think that she finally gets settled and then we’d have to go through this trauma again,” Loveless says. “With dementia it’s like they’re just living kind of in a different world and having security and a daily routine is so important.”

The State of Michigan approved the changes to the roof and says people can move in, but others worry that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services won’t always grant a waiver.

“We all would love to take occupancy of this building. The residents would love to take occupancy of this building, but you have to look at the future of what could possibly happen,” says Kathleen Dube, administrator of the Maples. “I’ve been around long enough to see the changes that CMS makes and all of the sudden say, fix it, we’re not going to grant a waiver. What’s to say that’s not going to happen to this building 5-10 years down the road?”

The Board of Commissioners are meeting Tuesday morning where the Maples is expected to be discussed.

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