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Houghton Lake MSP Arrest Manton Man Carrying Illegal Guns with Kids In Car

A man and a woman, speeding with two kids in the backseat, carrying several guns…one loaded…and uncontained narcotics…

State Police say the man had five handguns stashed in his center console, not his and all not holstered.

A trooper pulled over his car on US-131 in Kalkaska County’s Rapid River Township Saturday.

They say the Michael Detzler was speeding with his 2-year-old and 6-month-old in the backseat.

Troopers smelled marijuana when they approached the car.

They also found more than a pound of marijuana gummies and some marijuana butter, along with a small amount of leaf marijuana.

Troopers say a woman who was a passenger is medically allowed to have the marijuana, but was cited for not transporting it legally.

“Knowingly having things in the vehicle that it is unlawful for you to have, carrying a concealed weapon is a felony, the other with the marijuana is a misdemeanor,” says Sgt. David Johnson, Houghton Lake MSP Post. “It’s certainly not a good idea to have all of that in a vehicle, but for that to be speeding on top of it, drawing attention to yourself, is poor decision making."

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