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Hart Community Continues Support of those Displaced by Apartment Fire

Promo Image: Hart Community Continues Support of those Displaced by Apartment Fire

An absolute outpouring of support from the community of Hart is helping those left with nothing after fire destroyed their apartments.

Just hours after the fire, businesses and community organizations stepped in and started collecting donations.

 At least 16 people from two buildings were displaced by the fire.

 The fire started just after midnight on Thursday at the Parkview Manor Apartments in Hart in Oceana County. 

Firefighters spent hours in freezing temperatures putting out the fire.

They are still looking for a cause but have narrowed the origin of the fire down to one building.

The people we talked to say after losing everything, the last few days have been difficult.

But the love they’ve been shown by others has been a true blessing.

Paul Jensen moved to tears when talking about the support he’s seen from the community of Hart just days after fire destroyed his apartment.

“The fire was difficult, but my faith in humanity is stronger today than it’s ever been. The generosity regardless of personal feelings, politics or anything else it’s been phenomenal,” said Jensen.  

Donations of food, household essentials and clothing fill a corner of the gym at the First Baptist Church in Hart ready to be sorted and distributed.

“There are good people everywhere, but the level of support here, like I said, considering the limited resources of the community, it’s been touching to say the least,” said Jensen.  

Alice Highlen also lost everything, she said right now she’s taking things one day at a time, strengthened by the love others have shown.

“It’s awesome. I’ve never had that before, we all come together and be a team by the grace of God, and I mean the way we’re supposed to do in this world, love thy neighbor as thy self. There’s no words to really describe it. It just melts your heart,” said Highlen.

 All those donations will be sorted and distributed on Wednesday,

If you would like to donate contact First Baptist Church at 231-873-2514 or Oceana’s Home Partnership at 231-873-2222.