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People In Cadillac Spend Hours Removing Snow

Promo Image: People In Cadillac Spend Hours Removing Snow

With snowy conditions like we’re seeing, people have been braving the outdoors and removing their snow.

For some in Cadillac, snow removal took an entire day to complete

A home on Lake Cadillac says the wind off the lake covers their home in snow.

Because of this, Jack Linn and his wife have been outside since early this morning shoveling and snow blowing.

“We’re on the south side of Lake Cadillac and we face north and whenever we get a north wind, all the snow blows right from the lake on to our property. I raked part of my roof because on the back, I had three foot drifts, but mostly snow blowing trying to clean up,” says Linn.

However, being a native from Northern Michigan, Jack and his wife are used to Northern Michigan winters.