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Jay’s Sporting Goods In Gaylord Gives Safety Tips Before Heading Out On Ice

With ice danger seen this weekend in Crawford and Otsego County, 9&10’s Taylor Jones spent Sunday in Otsego County learning about how to be safe while out on ice.

“It’s important because you could fall through,” says Joe Cook, Fishing Department Manager at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord.

Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord says before heading out onto the ice this winter, there are several things people need to look for and be aware of.

“First thing I always look for is if there is other people out there, that’s the key first thing to see. Another thing is, is there any open water, especially if it’s a new lake, try to talk to some of the locals before going out,” says Zach Lytle, Jay’s Fishing Department.

It’s important to have the right tools with you if you do fall through.

“There are safety precautions you can take even before you go out there. You, especially this time of year, you never want to go out alone. You always want to make sure you bring some rope with you and bring some safety spikes with you so if you do fall through the ice, you will be able to pull yourself though,” says Cook.

Fishing Department Manager Joe Cook says it’s still too early to be out on the ice since it’s not thick enough on many lakes.

“You want to make sure you generally have at least a good three or four inches for walking on foot, usually for driving a four wheeler or snow mobile, you want at least five inches or so,” says Cook.

Joe says the heavy snow adds to dangerous ice conditions.

“A lot of it is because the thickness of the ice can vary quite drastically between bodies and even on the same body of water, especially when you have had a lot of snow on the ice that has an insulating affect. Be safe, be careful,” says Cook.

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