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Hart Community Helps Fire Victims

Some victims of the fire lost everything when their apartments went up in flames. Now they are leaning on the people around them. 

 Local organizations just like the First Baptist Church are doing what they can to help those fire victims get back on their feet. 

 "We don’t have very much but we’ve got more than those people do," said Mark Looman.

The flames ripping through peoples homes as the holidays creep closer. 

"When things happen they seem to happen at the coldest time of the year and of course near a holiday and of course people want to help and give as much as possible and at this time of the year it means that much more," said Phil Thomson.

The Hart community is now wrapping their arms around the people who need it most. 

"These 16 families that have nowhere to live, they lost all their Christmas gifts. We’re going to do what we can to give the people affected the most of a Christmas, anyway," said Mark.

While local businesses open their doors to donations.

"We offered to be a drop off point for any warm clean clothes, toiletries and household items. Really it’s not us stepping up we’ve had a great community response so far," said Phil.

Churches are getting ready to cook holiday meals. 

"Everyone wants to help. No one knows what to do so we started brainstorming in our church office and decided that it would be great to offer the people a Christmas dinner with a fancy meal and all the trimmings," said Phil.

All so the people who don’t have to worry about being left in the cold. 

Donations are being accepted at Big Hart Brewing and Gales IGA.

They are in need of clean winter clothing, household and hygiene items.

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