Grand Traverse Co. Animal Control Rescues Dog from Cold in Fife Lake

“Please do not leave your animals out in this type of weather.”

An important message from Grand Traverse County Animal Control after they rescued a dog from the bitter cold.

The Animal Control officer says she got the call Thursday afternoon.

A woman saw a dog chained up, alone in the snow and was concerned.

The officers found the dog down Grand Kal Road in Fife Lake.

She says he came out growling and shivering.

She was able to free the dog from a cable and get him into her truck.

He was taken to Cherryland Humane Society where they are calling him Cliff.

Animal Control says it’s important that during these dangerously cold days people watch out for their pets.

“If you’re cold, your animals are cold,” says Deb Zerafa, Grand Traverse County Animal Control officer. “Even if they stay out all the time, when the temperature dips below 15 degrees, even 25 degrees, your animals are susceptible to freezing and they’re paws and they need extra food.”

Cliff will be available for adoption at Cherryland Humane Society as soon as he’s neutered.

If you ever have any animal situations to report, call Grand Traverse County Animal Control at 231-995-6080.

If you’re interested in adopting Cliff, or other animals, call Cherryland Humane Society at 231-946-5116.

Cherryland Humane Society is also hosting an open house on Saturday, December 17 from 11-2.