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Manistee City Police Chief Reveals Disturbing Clues in Mother, Daughter Child Abuse Case

Promo Image: Manistee City Police Chief Reveals Disturbing Clues in Mother, Daughter Child Abuse Case

"Apartment [was] a blood bath,” says Chief David Bachman. “It looked like a horror movie scene."

Police officers found a woman covered in blood.

They say she stabbed her infant daughter, then herself.

Manistee City Police say the baby survived the attack.

Police were called to the same apartment days before.

It happened at the Lincoln Street Apartments on the night of Saturday, Dec. 3.

They found Angela Montney outside and a worse scene upstairs.

Montney was arrested Tuesday, Dec. 13 after she was released from the hospital.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman walk us through this disturbing case.


Manistee’s Chief of Police says Montney stabbed her daughter, then turned the knife on herself.

“On the first blush, they get there, we get a blood trail, we got a bloody woman only she’s not talking to us,” Chief Bachman says. “She’s unconscious. So we don’t know if she got attacked or what happened there. Top of the stairs, find the baby. Baby’s covered in blood. Baby’s got some injuries."

A horrifying scene…

Angela Montney and her daughter were rushed to the hospital.

“It turned out it is all restricted to Angela,” Chief Bachman says. “Self-inflicted to her, she injured her child."

Chief Bachman says crimes began with her on Thanksgiving…

She broke into her neighbors’ apartments and accused them of stealing her things.

“She’s an individual who has substance abusive mental health issues,” Chief Bachman says. “She was out of control, manic, screaming, yelling, threatening people. Rather than take her to jail, we took her to the hospital. “She threatened to kill my officers, threatened to kill the officers’ families."

Montney was released after being evaluated.

But then the stabbing incident happened.

"What happens typically when there is a mental health case is we get the person when they are out of control,” Chief Bachman says. "By the time they come off of their meds, they settle down where Mental Health can deal with them, they are no longer suicidal. They are no longer going to hurt anybody. They express that desire, that intention and I want to go home, I want to be there and be into the doctor on Monday so they end up being released because they are not of immediate danger to anybody, which is what has to be."

Thankfully, the baby is okay in the safety of foster care.

“I think the child’s chance of losing its life was extremely high and I think if she had more opportunity, she might’ve done more,” Chief Bachman says. "There has not been a history of her being violent to the baby at all. She has a history of acting out and expressing herself in loud, vocal, irate and a threatening manner. I don’ know what her thinking was."

It’’s a case the Manistee County Child Advocacy Center says could’ve been avoided.

“It’s a very sad case,” says Traci Smith, Director of the Manistee Co. Child Advocacy Center. “Prevention. Taking a step back, counting to ten, taking a couple of breaths, stepping out of the room if you need to. There are other resources out there."

Montney could face up to life in prison, charged with assault with intent to murder and first degree child abuse.

She is also charged with 3rd degree Home Invasion and assaulting police officers.

"This is a case where it could have been a murder-suicide easily had she been more assertive in what she was doing or more aggressive in what she was doing,” Chief Bachman says. “I don’t know what her intent was, but it certainly appeared that was her intent."