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Equipment Damaged After Isabella County Business Caught Fire

We have an update on a large business fire in Sherman Township.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader was at the scene, CGI Insulation, Tuesday night.

In daylight, the owner is got his first real idea of the damage done to their building.

There is roof damage, but it’s the equipment inside that he’s most worried about losing.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was at CGI checking out the damage.

“My insulation truck is in bad shape, my foam trailer of course has been remodeled, my truck and generator are remodeled as well, so we will be having to replace all of that,” says Mike Lynch, owner.

Tuesday night’s fire destroyed valuable equipment that Central Gypfloor Insulation uses daily.

Without their insulation truck and foam trailer, Mike Lynch says it’s anything but business as usual and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“It’s because it’s the winter time and the builders start in the spring, by the time the big projects are rolling, they are trying to button it up by the time end of the year comes,” says Lynch.

Which means the summer through the end of the year, CGI is busy with insulation jobs.

Right now, it’s just a waiting game to get things back in business.

“Next weeks packed, last week was packed, we had to call, some people are going to wait for me, some didn’t had the time and went elsewhere, which is understandable It will take a month to get other equipment, it just is lost time and lost opportunity and it’s disappointing,” says Lynch.

But through it all, Mike and his crew are staying positive and plan to use the equipment that wasn’t damaged, to do whatever jobs they still can.

“I’m trying to stay positive, it’s just stuff. Again, nobody got hurt, which is the important part, stuff can be replaced and we can use it as an opportunity to upgrade. It’s a little stressful, but it’s also an opportunity. We’re going to look at it that way,” says Lynch.

CGI believes the fire started from their new heat system.

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