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Cadillac First Responders Weigh In On Handling Winter Crashes

Promo Image: Cadillac First Responders Weigh In On Handling Winter Crashes

The dangerous driving conditions is not only unsafe for drivers it also has first responders taking extra steps to stay safe.

"You never know what’s going to happen next it’s always changing," said Mike Fisk.

Low visibility and slippery roads, just some of the conditions first responders keep in mind when going to a crash.

"En route to the scene you have to drive differently, you have to be more conscious of what the possibilities are is it deep snow is it ice do I need to get the road commission out there do I need an extra ambulance," he said.

The Cadillac Fire Department uses their lights, cones and heavy equipment when out on scene.

"Things like our tender we will park that away from the scene and at an angle so that way if there is a second accident that comes in it can use it as a blocker instead of coming up and hitting the people working on the scene and the victims," he said.

They use their trucks to protect not only themselves, but other first responders.

"The first officers on scene are going to be very busy and they can’t immediately begin to place road flares and get a proper blockage of a lane because they are busy attending to the injured," Chief Golnick said.

The Chief of Police for the City of Cadillac says their cars have lights all over them, even underneath to catch the eyes of distracted drivers. But they still need people to slow down.

"If you can only see 10 feet you need to be able to stop within 10 feet it can’t be hope. Hope is not a strategy when you’re driving," Chief Golnick said.