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Police Dash Cam Video Shows Car With Three Tires And Bare Rim Driving Away From Police

Police dash cam video shows a car with only three tires and one bare rim, trying to get away from Mount Pleasant police.

It all started when police got a call about a reckless driver around three in the morning on Sunday.

Officers came across a car driving on only three tires.

Police pulled him over at Preston and Mission Street in Mount Pleasant, but then he took off!

9&10’s Taylor Jones was in Mount Pleasant talking to police about the chase.

This is a chase police are calling unusual. They say when a car is missing a tire, it happens during a chase, not before.

The chase started when police spotted the three wheeler and pulled him over. But even lacking an essential part of his car, the driver tried to give the slip.

“The vehicle took off and then the pursuit was ensued, we had two vehicles in the area, so the second vehicle came to call out the pursuit. The speeds were around 45 miles per hour, but the roads were kind of slippery,” says Jeff Browne, Mount Pleasant Police Department.

The car continued down the road for eight blocks.

But with the weather and obvious lack of control from driving on a rim, police were concerned about safety.

“If you see the video, you can see it’s snowy and icy. Those are tough enough with all your tires inflated and you know everything on your vehicle’s working properly, so it makes it very difficult and dangerous to the community and property as well,” says Browne.

No one was hurt.

The driver pulled into a parking lot where police were able to arrest Todd Dafoe.

Police say drugs and alcohol were not a factor.

They don’t know why he did it.

“He was just out for a drive, he didn’t really say much,” says Browne.

Dafoe is charged with reckless driving and running from police.

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