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Extreme Cold Temperatures Bring Frostbite Risks

Promo Image: Extreme Cold Temperatures Bring Frostbite Risks

The possibility of frostbite becomes more of a reality in temperatures like these.

That’s why health experts recommend you dress in layers, wear a hat and other winter gear to prevent heat loss and stay dry!

If you get wet or sweat, change out of those clothes.

Keep out of the wind and if you feel any tingling or numbness in your fingers, toes or nose get inside.

It only takes minutes for frostbite to happen especially for kids and the elderly.

Dr. Tom Nussdorfer at The Walk-In Clinic in Traverse City, “The people who you don’t think will necessarily think about how cold it is and to me that’s the young kids, the people who have chronic medical problems, the elderly or possibly the people that have some dementia or some demented mental capacity; they go outside and they don’t realize how cold it is.”

If you do get frostbite make sure you get somewhere warm and put on a warm towel or soak those numb spots in room temperature water until they warm up again.