Peninsula Township Fire Investigates Fire At House Under Construction

Shattered windows, a damaged roof, what’s left of a Grand Traverse County home after crews were battling a fire for more than five hours.

The call came in around 11 Sunday night, but crews didn’t leave until 5 Monday morning. The Peninsula Township Fire Department says it took longer because of the cold conditions.

It was an empty house in Peninsula Township on Dawn Circle.

Fire crews say when they arrived, they saw flames shooting through the roof.

No one was inside.

The house was actually in the process of being remodeled.

There was no furniture, but there was electricity.

Fire chief Randy Rittenhouse says someone driving by first saw and called in the fire. “A passerby came into the neighborhood and realized there was heavy smoke in the neighborhood as she drove around to the back side of the house. She saw a flame coming from the back of the house as she came around the front she saw more flame.”

The Peninsula Township Fire Department is still investigating a cause, but says they do not believe it was suspicious.