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Inside Of A Clare Auto Shop Destroyed After Fire

Promo Image: Inside Of A Clare Auto Shop Destroyed After Fire

The inside of a Clare auto shop is destroyed after a fire started in the office.

The call came in around 5:30 Saturday night.

When firefighters arrived at 5th Street Auto Services in Clare, they said there were flames coming out of the windows.

The fire spread to the ceiling and attic.       

No one was inside at the time.

The building is still standing.

However, there is damage to the roof and office area.

Firefighters had the fire under control within an hour, but spent nearly four hours putting out hotspots.

They say the building’s layout made it difficult.

“We struggled with this fire because there was a steal roof on the building and then they had put trusses up there and below those trusses, the old flat roof was asphalt, so we actually had two roofs to deal with, and an air space in between, so the fire got in between there,” says Chief James Chapman, Clare Fire Department.

The fire chief says it is not suspicious, but don’t know yet what caused it.