Dash Cam Video Shows Clare County High Speed Police Chase

We now have dash cam video from a police chase last week.

The chase speeds reached up to 100 miles per hour in Clare County.

This is a story northern Michigan’s news leader first brought you Friday.

Deputies say it all started when they tried to stop a man for an equipment malfunction.

They say Joshua Kerns took them on 15 mile chase that ended on a two track on Leota Grade near Old State Avenue, Thursday.

The high speed police chase went through Main Street in Harrison.

The drive was recklessly driving.

Deputies say because the chase ended on a tight dirt two track, safety was a concern.

“Everything increases, the distance it takes to stop, the distance it takes to turn, it was night time, visibility is shorter, you can’t see as far at high speeds,” says Lt. Edward Williams, Clare County Sheriff’s Department.

Once deputies stopped Kerns, they found he had a suspended driver’s license, no car insurance, and was violating his bond.

He is now charged with those crimes.