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Kalkaska Spends Day Removing Snow

One of the town’s that saw seemingly endless snow was Kalkaska, where people spent another day digging out.

9&10’s Taylor Jones braved the cold in Kalkaska and has more details on the snow removal effort.

“Not an end in sight. There’s not an end in sight,” says Louie Innis, Gardner Landscaping.

With parts of Kalkaska seeing twenty four inches of snow in the last two days, people say it seems they’ve been doing nothing but shoveling and plowing.

Gardner Landscaping has been plowing since 1:30 Saturday morning.

“It’s been snowing nonstop out there since yesterday. It’s taking longer to plow because there is a lot of snow,” says Tom Gardner, owner of Gardner Landscaping.  

Because of the large amount of snow, Gardner’s had to bring out their larger plows.

“It’s hard on equipment, good thing I had a loader, we could never get it done without a loader,” says Gardner.

Gardner says they will continue to plow till it stops.

“You don’t want to get a buildup. Too much starts packing it down, it’s harder to take it off. You want to try and keep up on it. You don’t want to build up too much,” says Gardner.

Not only are people removing snow from parking lots and roads, but homeowners were out snow blowing and shoveling driveways Saturday morning.

“I am snow blowing and shoveling all day. It usually takes one to two hours, we did it twice yesterday and today,” says Ryan Moore, Kalkaska homeowner.

There was even enough for the first sled rides of the season.

“A friend of ours makes a big snow mountain for us. I’m glad most of it’s on the weekend, because we had one day off of school and hopefully we can have it on weekends, so we don’t have to have as many days off,” says Moore.

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