Boyne City Receiving Millions in Improvements for Recreation Projects

Millions of dollars in massive improvements on their way for Boyne City. 

That includes a number of different major recreation projects. Nearly $2.8 million in grants from the Michigan Natural Resources trust fund, M-Parks and the Great Lakes Fishery trust will make it possible.

More than $2 million will go toward buying a property that includes 600 feet frontage on Lake Charlevoix. $300,000 to create a motorized trail from the airport to Boyne Falls. Plus a new fishing pier.

"Not only is this good for the environment, it’s also good for the economy in the area as well, because a lot of our business is associated with tourism and it’s good for the environment because it’s going to have appropriate land uses." says Boyne City City Manager, Michael Cain.

It took years of effort to make this happen. The largest grant still needs approval from state lawmakers.