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Wintry Blast Keeps Kalkaska Road Commissions Busy

Promo Image: Wintry Blast Keeps Kalkaska Road Commissions Busy

People across Northern Michigan are getting up and getting ready to hit the roads, but be careful.

A blast of wintry weather is causing problems for some drivers in Kalkaska Friday morning as slippery roads and low visibility begin to take over.

Scott Bittenbender with the Kalkaska Department of Public Works is urging drivers to go slow and use caution as road conditions are slick.

“Leave extra early, take it very easy, give yourself lots of space and just take your time,” Bittenbender says. “It’s not worth trying to get there in a hurry.”

Snow plows have been out since 4 a.m. Friday morning cleaning up the snowy mess, and expect to be out for a while longer.

"We got here at 4 a.m., and we’ll go as long as it takes," explains Bittenbender. "Probably until one o’clock or so. Probably get everything done, then probably come back [Saturday] early again, same time, and pick up where we left off."

They are scheduled to continue rotating throughout the day.