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Cadillac-Based Business Growing Faster Than Expected

Promo Image: Cadillac-Based Business Growing Faster Than Expected

44North, based in Cadillac, has five times the employees and expanded their facility since 2010.

The company started 20 years ago and Friday celebrated their growth and expansion with an open house and ribbon cutting.

helps people and companies with their health insurance coverage and rates.

“The first person I hired still works here the second person I hired still works here.”

Back in 2010 when the Affordable Care Act passed 44North was put in a tough spot.

Brian Coté, the founder and president/CEO of 44 North says, “I remember scratching my head wondering gosh am I going to make payroll as 2010 and some of the other changes were happening in our business.”

But with phones ringing off the hook, to their surprise they actually got more business and fast.

Coté says, “We’ve gone from 20 employees to today where we’re over 100 employees as of a result that it’s more complicated now and people need an easy button. We ran out of room we had a bunch of people on that side of the wall and unfortunately Radio Shack went out of business, but created a great opportunity to bust a hole through the wall and we continued to expand over.”

The growth isn’t just exciting for 44North, but the local community depending on them.

“I think it’s wonderful for the community to have a stable employer that’s growing,” says Cote.?

The local touch is why Saber Tool Company uses their services.

President, Ken Bollman says, “It’s pretty complicated with the insurance nowadays and it changes every day. One thing about them being in town and being local is that some of our employees have questions we send them over here to ask questions.”

44North’s hopes this growth doesn’t stop.

“We want to double again or come close to doubling this facility won’t hold it and that’s a good problem to have. I think as long as we continue our job which is helping businesses, helping our employees, there will be that opportunity for future growth,” says Coté.